Be Flexible


We made it to Orica!  It is a beautiful small town in the Honduran mountains, filled with colorful buildings and chickens in the street.  It is very different from an American town in that the pace of life is slower, the town is primarily agricultural and many young men are unemployed.  We’ve been here for three nights already and the time is flying by.  We got in to Tegucigulpa on Wednesday around noon, where we met up with Luis, Josh, and Nancy Vega, Gerson Amaya and Ana Perello, our Honduran guides for the trip.  We quickly learned that Honduran time is very different from American time and our theme for the trip is to ¨be flexible.¨  There has been a lot of waiting and changing of plans, but that’s when relationships happen.  Needless to say, it’s all been very exciting! Continue reading

Our first days in the capital Tegucigalpa

What a busy schedule we have had. Our time in Orica went very quickly. Very hot and very dusty is how I would describe the climate here. Our first day at AFE was spent hearing the story of how this great ministry started. It was exciting to hear how one person’s question of how can we change our environment could impact so many others. Everything starts with compassion, grows in love, and is sustained in God’s grace. Continue reading

Tuesday evening update, part 1

Tom Schwei here, writing the first part of our blog for the day. We began our construction projects yesterday afternoon, so today was the first full day of construction work. The new home for a family that lives in the dump is taking great shape (hope to have pictures tomorrow), the latrine we are building is coming along very nicely and we are moving along well on a large deck and shaded seating area for the students of AFE, Continue reading

Monday Update!!!

Hi everyone!  apparently our past post yesterday didn’t post, but you can now find it below this one!  also we’ve added a few pictures to this one.

We spent our first night in Tegucigalpa. We had dinner at one of the best Honduran hamburger places. The food was good and the laughter and fellowship between the Hondurans and gringos was excellent. We agreed to meet at 6:15AM in the hotel lobby. At around 5:45AM we woke up to a gringo imitation of a rooster that echoed throughout the hotel. A few seconds later the Hondurans answered the rooster call. The Honduran version was much better but either way everyone was up and on time. The difference between this wake up call was that in Orica there was a chorus of roosters, not just one. Continue reading

Sunday Update

Buenas noches desde honduras

we are in Tegucigalpa tonight and are all in great spirits and were able to celebrate 2 members of our team’s birthdays tonight. This morning we were able to worship with our brothers and sisters in christ at alpha y omega in orica and enjoyed singing worship songs as well as receive teaching from Luis Vega.

Afterwards we were treated to fried chicken, fried plantaines, and french fries for lunch. We then gathered with the members of the church who are coming with us and packed up the bus to come to tegucigalpa. All of us enjoyed the converstsions an relationships that we all hope to build theoughout this week and are very excited to work with them. We ask that you pray for all of us and that God will provide for everyone and especially for the people living in the dump here in Tegucigalpa.

we’re now settling in for the night and hope that God is blessing your lives.

thank you and good night!

Present and Accounted for.

We are finally here! After a long day of travel, we were welcomed by the members of Alpha Y Omega Church in Orica Honduras yesterday evening. They greeted us with worship songs and shared in a meal with all of our team members.

After a much needed rest, we woke up this morning and partook in a true Honduran breakfast…Fruit Loops, Corn Flakes and Captain Crunch. Full recharged we went to the local school and started some concrete patio work in the morning. This afternoon we meet the Honduran men who will be joining us on our construction trip at AFE. This evening we were able to secure a TV and satellite dish to watch the game…we promise this won’t get in the way of our mission.

Please continue to pray for our team’s safety and ability to create relationships.

7 hours till we leave

So…I may have waited a little too long to get ready for this trip.  I am Matthew Kautzky and despite the picture below I am often very organized.  Words cannot express the sheer excitement in my heart to go and serve the people of Honduras.

Please pray for our safe travels.

Lots of work ahead of me.

Lots of work ahead of me.