Sunday Update

Buenas noches desde honduras

we are in Tegucigalpa tonight and are all in great spirits and were able to celebrate 2 members of our team’s birthdays tonight. This morning we were able to worship with our brothers and sisters in christ at alpha y omega in orica and enjoyed singing worship songs as well as receive teaching from Luis Vega.

Afterwards we were treated to fried chicken, fried plantaines, and french fries for lunch. We then gathered with the members of the church who are coming with us and packed up the bus to come to tegucigalpa. All of us enjoyed the converstsions an relationships that we all hope to build theoughout this week and are very excited to work with them. We ask that you pray for all of us and that God will provide for everyone and especially for the people living in the dump here in Tegucigalpa.

we’re now settling in for the night and hope that God is blessing your lives.

thank you and good night!

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