Our first days in the capital Tegucigalpa

What a busy schedule we have had. Our time in Orica went very quickly. Very hot and very dusty is how I would describe the climate here. Our first day at AFE was spent hearing the story of how this great ministry started. It was exciting to hear how one person’s question of how can we change our environment could impact so many others. Everything starts with compassion, grows in love, and is sustained in God’s grace. What impacted me the most since being here is the other story we heard when arriving at AFE. One of the teachers mentioned a 5 year old died earlier this weekend from falling into a hole filled with water and drowned. Apparently the 5 year old boy was found by his 8 year old sister. A very, very sad situation. What hit me square in the face was thn countenance of the nursery teacher who watched after the 5 year old’s younger brother. I watched her sadness even amongst the men of Blackhawk playing with the children in the nursery. Grown men, dancing and spinning and twirling little children and all laughing. The children loved it and were totally adorable. I was saddened to tears along with the teacher as she spoke to us about how the parents, mostly mothers, would drop their children off at 8 in the morning and go up to the dump for the day. At AFE, the children got bathed, dressed, and put in clean school clothes, fed multiple meals and snacks, were given naps, and taught multiple lessons from school and about God’s love. This teacher said, “they all have a special place locked in our hearts” In other words, the teachers love these children and care for them as if they were their own. It was very special to see that love given out to children who so desperately need it. I found myself missing my children and wife quite strongly when I heard the news of the young boy who died, and about my love for my children and how hard it would be as a parent to not have the means to support their needs. What a blessing AFE is to the community, in and out of the city dump. They are truly changing lives and changing the environment of the area.

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