Tuesday evening update, part 1

Tom Schwei here, writing the first part of our blog for the day. We began our construction projects yesterday afternoon, so today was the first full day of construction work. The new home for a family that lives in the dump is taking great shape (hope to have pictures tomorrow), the latrine we are building is coming along very nicely and we are moving along well on a large deck and shaded seating area for the students of AFE,

Plus, today was the first day of our high school ministry. It started with outstanding music by our multi-cultural band, nicknamed Men At Work for you 80’s folks. The band was outstanding, playing songs the students knew and sang along with and songs that we Gringos also knew in English, of course. We had the students do a scavenger hunt after which Pastor Luis Rivera of Alpha Y Omega in Orica gave a message to the students. A very good first day on this front.

Some of the most special moments of the trip have been during devotion and prayer time. Yesterday, we did an impromptu prayer for the kids who will live in the home we are building (they were in the dump when we got there). We also prayed for a Mom whose children are all enrolled in AFE. She is so thankful for the ministry. She still makes a living in the dump, but she knows her children are well cared for and learning every day. We also had an especially moving gathering this evening, during which Pastor Luis shared his personal testimonial. It was very emotional and at the end we all laid hands on him and prayed.

One more interesting fact we learned yesterday during our orientation. One graduate of AFE who has influence over many families in the dump, more or less insisted that many children of families attend AFE this year. AFE’s students increased by 30 this year, due to this strong push from this individual. This is clearly God at work, even if it isn’t always in ways we fully understand.

I’ll leave it there for tonight and let Brice tell you more.

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