Be Flexible


We made it to Orica!  It is a beautiful small town in the Honduran mountains, filled with colorful buildings and chickens in the street.  It is very different from an American town in that the pace of life is slower, the town is primarily agricultural and many young men are unemployed.  We’ve been here for three nights already and the time is flying by.  We got in to Tegucigulpa on Wednesday around noon, where we met up with Luis, Josh, and Nancy Vega, Gerson Amaya and Ana Perello, our Honduran guides for the trip.  We quickly learned that Honduran time is very different from American time and our theme for the trip is to ¨be flexible.¨  There has been a lot of waiting and changing of plans, but that’s when relationships happen.  Needless to say, it’s all been very exciting!

When we arrived to Pastor Luis’ house (another Luis), where we are staying in Orica, we were greeted with warm hugs from several members of Alpha y Omega, the church that we are partnering with.  After some good food and conversations, we went to bed after a long day of traveling.

For the past two days we’ve been working with the elementary school in Orica, teaching the kids music, crafts and mixing and pouring concrete in the courtyard.  It has been great working with the kids, teachers and fellow community members who are willing to help.  We have been blessed to have the opportunity to work alongside Hondurans who have so much to share with us.  The people are very friendly and generous.  For those of us who do not know spanish, it has been a humbling experience to rely on others, or find other ways to communicate with the kids and community members.  We brought the kids musical Boomwackers, and performed a mini concert for them this morning.  Then this afternoon as a thank you, some of the students performed traditional Honduran dances (complete with hats and skirts) and the teachers threw us a reception afterwards.  It was a truly spectacular experience to encounter Honduran culture in this way.

Mike and Sarah had their fourth wedding anniversary on Wednesday and Nancy decided to celebrate by tying them together and putting frosting on their faces.  This is a common practice for birthdays in Honduras, but Nancy decided to change the rules.  It was a fun way to end the night!

It’s only been two days, but God’s hands are all over this place and this trip.  We reflect as a group each day on how Jesus served and loved others–using his example as our guide.  We’re praying that God will continue to be the center of our work and that he would create spaces and conversations that would spread his love and grace.  Please continue to pray for our trip and the health and safety of our team as we continue our Honduran adventure.

And with that, hasta luego! Adios.


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