Be Flexible


We made it to Orica!  It is a beautiful small town in the Honduran mountains, filled with colorful buildings and chickens in the street.  It is very different from an American town in that the pace of life is slower, the town is primarily agricultural and many young men are unemployed.  We’ve been here for three nights already and the time is flying by.  We got in to Tegucigulpa on Wednesday around noon, where we met up with Luis, Josh, and Nancy Vega, Gerson Amaya and Ana Perello, our Honduran guides for the trip.  We quickly learned that Honduran time is very different from American time and our theme for the trip is to ¨be flexible.¨  There has been a lot of waiting and changing of plans, but that’s when relationships happen.  Needless to say, it’s all been very exciting! Continue reading